Conference Room Displays

Better communication = thinking outside the inbox

Research shows that employees want better workplace communication and collaboration tools. It also says they’re sick of emails clogging up their inbox. With Raydiant, you can reach your workers wherever they are with highly visual conference room displays and office signage. 

Conference room scheduling, made easy

The pain and frustration of a double-booked conference room! You never have to feel that way again with Raydiant. Simply sync your Google or digital calendar to the Raydiant platform, and set your meeting schedule to display on your Raydiant screen or screens. Need to make a change? Just update the calendar and your screens automatically update too. Have more than one conference room? Create and display a different schedule for each—easily!

Amplify your message with visual aids

Visual aids are excellent communication helpers. What would meetings be without things like videos, presentations, and line graphs? But then the presentation software glitches, the cord to the TV won’t work, or some other tech blunder ruins it all (and wastes everyone’s time). Raydiant’s cloud-based platform keeps meetings and workplace productivity on track. It uses a secure web-based system that integrates seamlessly with most graphic, video, and presentation tools—and without any IT headaches.

Share important news and announcements

Yours is a team of movers and shakers. They’re not always at their desks—they’re in meetings, out with clients, and on calls converting leads. Today’s workplace communication must have the flexibility to reach employees wherever they are. Raydiant screens turn office common areas into places to get up to speed on the latest company news and announcements. Catch employees in your entryway, break room, by the elevator, and other common traffic areas with on-screen messages that get attention.

Connect your team with video conferencing

Remote and hybrid workplaces are becoming the norm, and a company’s culture hinges on how well it communicates. In the office or out, video conferencing helps teams stay connected and on task. Raydiant integrates the most popular platforms in the world, including Zoom, Poly, and WebEx. Conduct all-hands meetings, think tanks, one-on-one huddles, employee training, webinars, and more—all from the Raydiant dashboard.

Supercharge Your Team

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