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Digital Signage

Hoopla is now part of the Raydiant family. Raydiant’s digital signs are proven to improve communication, boost sales, and increase engagement for both customers and employees. People prefer them because they’re dynamic and interesting, and they’re easier to read than static signs. Businesses and workplaces love them because they are highly visible—perfect for communicating important information to employees and attracting more customer foot traffic and sales. 

The power of
digital signage

68% of customers say digital signs have influenced them to buy

Brands with digital signs report a 33% uptick in sales.

37% of restaurants report a boost in promotional sales because of digital signs

Digital signs improve workplace communication, saving 300 work hours a year per employee

Workplaces that communicate effectively have 4.5 times the retention rate

Effortless enterprise

Raydiant’s enterprise signage was built for businesses like yours—those with complicated networks and large employee bases. This system makes signage easy to onboard and use, whether you have one location or one thousand. Easy to onboard, you can start using Raydiant immediately—without hours of downtime or employee training. It’s cloud-based system makes managing screen content simple, and you can do it from anywhere. And when you’re ready to scale, Raydiant scales with you.

A large app

Raydiant isn’t just signage about—it’s about the full experience. Their large app library has every tool you need to manage your business. Drag-and-drop design tools and video templates make screen content come to life. Zoom and Blue Jeans video conferencing connect you to your team from office screens. Menu management apps, custom background music, and augmented reality makes the customer experience memorable.

Easy plug-and-play hardware

Installation is as simple as plugging in the ScreenRay device, like you would a USB stick, into your office TV. Setup is guided by on-screen prompt and takes a minute or two. In five minutes or less, you’re ready to go—no downtime, IT experience, or employee training required. 

Supercharge Your Team

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