Show results where they work.

Your team needs to be recognized and celebrated no matter where they are, on multiple devices and channels.

 Stay connected whether your team is remote, distributed or in office. 

Set up Hoopla on multiple devices where your team can get messages, alerts, and tips at a glance — and keep moving forward.

TV, Web, and Mobile

Communicate with multiple devices.

Celebrate wins on TVs and digital signage throughout the office as well as on web and mobile apps.

  • Solve organizational communication problems with one platform.
  • Get everyone on the same page from anywhere.
  • Recognize real-time achievements — even for remote employees.
Motivational Quotes

Inspire and hustle.

A little motivation goes a long way. By seeing inspirational quotes from sports, business, and historical leaders, your team gets a small boost in their game.

  • Use your favorite quotes from motivational leaders.
  • Instill values from any era or discipline.
  • Cycle new quotes every week to keep them fresh.
Broadcast Messages

Solve communication challenges.

By getting everyone on the same page at the same time, you can dramatically decrease what gets lost in translation.

  • Share company news and announcements instantly on multiple devices.
  • Take some info off the intranet by broadcasting key events and information directly to employees.
  • Spend less time distributing content to your people.
Tips and Tricks

Know what works — and what doesn’t.

With tips and tricks, you can keep your people up to date with video best practices from sales influencers across the industry.

  • Create a single source of truth for your entire organization.
  • Increase ramp-up time for newer salespeople.
  • Encourage others to be team players with shared knowledge.
Social Media Streams

Stay a step ahead.

Social media acts like a canary in the broader market. With Hoopla, you can import social media feeds directly into the streams for an up-to-the-minute pulse on your industry.

  • Follow important conversations instantly.
  • Connect your people to each other and the organization.
  • Build better relationships with external stakeholders.

“Hoopla helps to oversee the performance from my team members. We save a lot of time on weekly meetings.”

—Chun W., Sales Director

Build a game plan.

With our library of resources, you and your team get the latest updates on sales gamification, motivation, and performance. See the plays that help our customers get wins.

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Let’s communicate.

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