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Hoopla for Product

Want to shed light on your Product team’s progress and achievements?

It’s difficult to keep a company informed of your team’s progress and performance. Use Hoopla TV to broadcast new features rolling out and in progress to keep everyone up-to-date on Product’s timeline. With Hoopla, you can increase engagement between departments and bring visibility to your team’s successes.

Track sprint progress

It’s hard to keep track of all of the moving parts during a sprint. With Hoopla, you can track stories completed, bugs created, and see your team’s progress on the big screen.

Showcase the latest product releases

Use Hoopla TV to announce the upcoming release of a new feature and allow the rest of your company to give kudos to the engineers for all their hard work.

Amplify important alerts

Bugs in your code are inevitable and service outages must be tackled efficiently. Hoopla instantly alers your product team to new customer escalations so issues can be resolved as soon as possible!

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.

Popular ways to use Hoopla for Product

Celebrate the closing of an epid
Display a list of the number of bugs you closed this Spring
Fire Newsflashes as an alert comes in from New Relic
Showcase the number of free trial sign-ups this quarter
Let your team know who’s on 500 patrol
Recognize your top support reps on a Leaderboard
Communicate important deadlines and announcements on-the-fly
Showcase positive feedback from customers