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The most frequently asked questions about Hoopla are right here.

What is Hoopla?
Hoopla is a cloud based team performance platform designed to align, engage, and motivate your employees. Any key activity, progress against goals, or celebration event can be streamed in an exciting, televised format to any TV, mobile or desktop screen throughout your company.
What is a Hoopla display?
Hoopla displays are typically any screen hung on the wall to broadcast information to your entire team. Channels for displays can be configured and designed to communicate different things for different departments; much like a professional TV broadcast, but with your data, your people, and your celebration events.
Who uses Hoopla?
Hoopla is used by hundreds of high-velocity sales, marketing, customer success and service teams at top companies around the world and in many industries.
What is a user?
A user is anyone with a Hoopla login. This can be an admin, a person on a leaderboard, or a manager who wants to stay up to date and be alerted with newsflashes.
What are the benefits of using Hoopla?
Hoopla helps you motivate your teams to focus on and perform the key activities that lead to success. Want your team to make more calls? Schedule more appointments? Qualify more leads? Identify the metric and build a leaderboard or define a success threshold. Seeing their names and stats on the big screen helps your team members focus on their priorities. Our customers report gains in activities and performance of over 30% on up.
How can I get my Salesforce data into Hoopla?
With the Corporate Edition, you can connect to your Enterprise, Unlimited, and Force.com Salesforce account (Professional requires API access) with our powerful, but simple connector. Data from any summary report can be retrieved by Hoopla to update user metrics. And newsflashes can be triggered by updates in Salesforce as they occur.
How can I get other data into Hoopla?
With all editions, you can upload any CSV or Excel data through our easy to use upload capability. Leverage the power of Excel formulas and stream the results directly to TVs and Mobile devices around the company.
How do I use Hoopla?
You can sign up here to start your free trial today. You’ll be up and running in minutes. Our point-and-click interface makes it easy to add users and set up metrics, leaderboards, and recognition events. These are combined into Hoopla TV channels. One click publishes your channel and can be linked to a centrally controlled device, which you can then broadcast on screens throughout the company.