Integrate Business Apps With Your Office TV

Take your company's communication to a whole new level! Hoopla's Zapier app makes it easy to broadcast data-driven events from hundreds of apps on Hoopla TV.

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About Hoopla

About Zapier

Hoopla is a communication platform that uses TVs within your office to engage your employees.

Zapier makes it easy to move information between apps. Anyone can build Zap workflows with a few clicks, without developer help.

Don’t keep your team’s accomplishments locked-up inside your business applications, broadcast them in Hoopla! With Hoopla’s Zapier app, there is no limit to the ways you can broadcast information on your Hoopla TV channels.

You can set up “Zaps” to increase or decrease Hoopla Metric values, or to fire a Newsflash. Trigger a Newsflash every time your support team resolves a Zendesk ticket, or increase a Metric value each time someone completes a LiveChat.

Ways to use Zapier to update a leaderboard in Hoopla

Use Microsoft Dynamics to update a Sales leaderboard
Use Zendesk to track number of tickets resolved
Use Twitter and Instagram to keep track of your company’s followers
Use Trello to bump metric values whenever tasks are picked up and completed
Use JIRA to display number of bug fixes

Ways to use Zapier to trigger a newsflash on Hoopla TV

Use Envoy to announce a new visitor
Use Shopify to announce a new customer
Use Breezy HR to announce a new team hire
Use Twitter to trigger a Newsflash anytime your company or hashtag is mentioned
Use Google Calendar to remind your team of an important upcoming meeting or birthday
Use LiveChat to keep track of every time a chat is completed

Ready to start setting up Zaps for your Hoopla TV? Check out these instructions to get started.