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Use our Slack app to extend communication even further by posting important announcements as Newsflashes on Hoopla TV.

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About Hoopla

About Slack

Hoopla uses live TV broadcasts to bring visibility to important business metrics, motivate and align your workforce, circulate important communications, and celebrate achievements.

Slack is a team communication app that allows you to send messages to your colleagues in various public or private channels.

Sometimes, important announcements are missed. It’s nobody’s fault - we’re just busy! With a simple Slack command, Hoopla will display your message as a Newsflash across your office TVs for all to see! This is a great way to send out reminders, welcome a new member of the team, or wish someone a happy birthday.

Hoopla gives you a way to configure Slack Newsflash triggers for various Slack channels and users, allowing you to customize the look and feel of each message, based on where the message was posted and who posted it. Each Newsflash begins with an eye-catching video, then showcases the sender’s message. Broadcasting your important Slack announcements and messages to Hoopla TV ensures that they get the attention they deserve.

Popular ways to use Hoopla + Slack

Introduce a new member of your team
Congratulate someone on their promotion
Announce the beginning of happy hour
Remind your team to update their forecasts
Give kudos to someone who helped you complete a project
Announce the Employee of the Month
Thank the engineers for releasing a new feature
Wish someone a happy birthday
Announce the release of a new feature

Ready to start displaying your Slack messages on Hoopla TV? Check out these instructions to quickly set up the integration - it’s easy!