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Gamification’s Real World Results [VIDEO]

Gamification is just a buzzword until you look at the concrete results. Like ON24’s 200 percent increase in lead generation. You might be familiar with ON24’s Chad Burmeister, Director of Corporate Sales – he shared with us how Hoopla helps ON24 put fun to work. Gamification tactics have helped the company encourage competition in its offices throughout the country. Chad shared this success story with the crowd at Dreamforce 2012 during his session, “Sales Cloud: Gamification — The Key Driver of Sales Productivity at ON24.”

Afterward, we asked Chad a few questions about ON24’s use of Hoopla.net, and he said gamifying sales behaviors is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the interview below for his take on how game mechanics are shaping company culture as well as his views on the broader social enterprise.

Gamification’s Real-World Results from Hoopla Software on Vimeo.