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Hoopla for Financial Services

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.

Financial services sales is a highly competitive and highly compensated industry. The time and expense to develop and train your team means that you need the best performance and results. Hoopla helps you create a high performance culture. One that motivates and engages your team and challenges them to reach higher.

Make the Sales Bullpen Buzz with Excitement

Let numbers be the foundation to your success. With real-time performance updates, create a team that feeds off progress and build momentum to continue an upward trend to victory.

  • Get real-time sales performance updates on leaderboards
  • Market specials and services, stream the latest commercials and live web pages
  • Create different channels for teams across the office

Give Your Team 15 Minutes of Fame

Boost morale with well-deserved recognition for closing that impossible deal, booking that overdue meeting, or even just hitting your call quota for the day. Recognizing each of these activities gives the champion in all of us the motivation to win big, and win often.

  • Recognize your sales reps for hitting goals as they happen
  • Celebrate wins with the whole team
  • Personalize your winning profile and an anthem to go with it
  • Congratulate and thank individuals and teams

Friendly Competition Motivates Actions

Track progress and performance

  • Pull data from your CRM systems, Excel, or Google Sheets
  • Track the actions and metrics that lead to success
  • Rank reps and teams on dynamic leaderboards

Build a play-to-win culture

  • Sales reps challenge each other head-to-head in competitions to increase calls, appointments, and sales