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Energize Your Sales Floor With Gamification [VIDEO]

Energize your sales floor with gamification Companies seeing explosive sales growth don’t always have explosive sales floors. When the numbers and results are stored away in Salesforce, teams don’t get to experience the excitement of real-time success. But by prominently displaying this data, sales managers can keep their teams motivated and excited about their progress day in and day out. For Mike Krilich, Senior Sales Operations Manager at New Relic, this was especially important. His team sells to developers, who often prefer to communicate by email and social media rather than by phone — making for a quiet sales floor … until Hoopla.net came along. Listen below as Mike explains the positive impact Hoopla.net has had at New Relic. You’ll notice Mike’s title was different when we shot the video — he just got a promotion! Congrats, Mike! We’ll call you Director of Sales Operations from here on out. Energize Your Sales Floor from Hoopla Software on Vimeo.