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Hoopla for Customer Success

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.

Keeping your Customer Success team motivated and engaged is the key to retaining business and ensuring your customers get maximum value from your product. Give this vital function the visibility it deserves and inspire your team to perform their best.

Track Key Customer Metrics

Inspire your CSMs to take the right actions by bringing key customer data to light. Broadcast churn rates, account expansions, cross-selling data, and team progress against goals.

Celebrate Top Performers

Give your team the recognition they deserve by giving them time in the limelight. Celebrate key renewals, add-ons, and saves. With Hoopla, your CSMs can play their own custom videos and songs whenever they hit their goals.

Showcase Customer Reviews

Your team works hard to deliver a great product and nothing is more motivating than hearing your customers rave about their experience. Share great reviews with everyone in the company by broadcasting them on Hoopla!

Bring Attention to Red Accounts

Rally the company around stopping churn by displaying a list of at-risk accounts. Pull “red” account lists directly out of your CRM or other tracking system, and Hoopla will keep them up to date.