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Hoopla was founded on the belief that great companies start with great cultures. The best people want to work for companies that communicate frequently and clearly, where recognition is done well. And customers are served better when the employees are engaged and motivated.

We are on a mission to help every company on the planet perform better through simple, but powerful technology.

So, it starts with us. We are a team of passionate, customer focused, entrepreneurs. We use our own product to motivate our team and we believe in giving back to the community.

  • Salesforce


    Founded in 1999, Salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Salesforce.com's social and mobile cloud technologies enable companies to transform into customer companies by connecting with their customers, employees, partners and products in entirely new ways.Based on Salesforce.com's real-time, multitenant architecture, the company's apps and platform revolutionize the way companies sell, service, market and innovate.
  • Trinity Ventures

    Trinity Ventures

    Trinity Ventures is a top-tier venture capital firm combining business insight, practical expertise and a personal touch to help start-ups win big. For over eleven funds, Trinity has helped passionate entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas transform markets and lives. Trinity's investment team takes a collaborative approach and believes in personal engagement, mutual respect and goal alignment to deliver out-sized returns to entrepreneurs and investors. The firm invests in early stage technology companies with emphases on Cloud, Digital Media, Social Commerce and Entertainment, and Software as a Service.
  • Safeguard Scientifics

    Safeguard Scientifics

    For more than 60 years, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE) has been synonymous with entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded in 1953 and based in the Greater Philadelphia area, Safeguard has a distinguished record of building market leaders by providing capital and operational support to entrepreneurs across an evolving and innovative spectrum of industries. Today, Safeguard targets healthcare and technology companies in medical technology such as devices and diagnostics, health tech, specialty pharmaceuticals, financial technology, digital media, and Enterprise 3.0, which includes mobile technology, cloud, the Internet of Things and big data. Safeguard is regarded as a catalyst for value creation for innovative healthcare and technology businesses and a key source of capital and strategic resources for entrepreneurs.
  • Illuminate Ventures

    Illuminate Ventures

    Illuminate Ventures is an early stage VC firm led by a team of experienced investors with significant operating and investment track records. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the firm targets North American-based high growth, lean startups in the high-tech landscape, with a particular focus on Enterprise cloud computing. We work closely with founders to support them in building truly great companies. Illuminate's focus is finding, funding and accelerating great teams in the B2B cloud computing space. We are particularly focused on SaaS applications, solutions that leverage Big Data and/ or mobility for improved business results and consumer technologies that are being applied to the enterprise.

Hoopla in the News

March Madness on the Sales Desk? Workplace Gamification at Play - March 14, 2017

Stone Street Capital is joining a rapidly expanding group of companies using gamification to motivate employees.

Visual Communication is Evolving in the Workplace - July 13, 2016

Learn just how powerful visual communication is and how global businesses are driving productivity and connectivity by embracing it to its fullest in today's society of instantaneous communication and feedback.

Why You Want a Motivated Sales Team - June 28, 2016

Improving motivation has long been a primary focus in the sales department because it translates into higher drive and increased revenue. When you include a mix of motivators, your incentive plans will pay off.

4 Sales Automation Rules Every Sales Rep Should Live By - June 09, 2016

No matter the level of automation for your sales team, motivation tools are a powerful way to increase performance. Track metrics right from Salesforce on TVs, the web, and mobile apps with Hoopla to promote recognition and boost productivity.

Hoopla Software Announces a Powerful Bi-Directional Integration with Google Sheets - June 06, 2016

An automated bi-directional integration with Google Sheets gives customers the ability to combine metrics from multiple sources and create new custom metrics using the power of Google Sheets formulas.

Building Real-Time Dashboards to Better Communicate, Respond, and Decide - May 28, 2016

The fact of the matter is that the big data revolution is here, and it will stay here for the foreseeable future. So what are some of the things that you can do or what are some of the industries where you can use real-time dashboards to your advantage?

Using Gamification to Power Company Success - May 28, 2016

Sales gamification provides a quick, infographics-style glance to keep every in the know through real-time metrics and live broadcasts. When a system like this goes into place, it can benefit the company in several key ways.

How Today's Business Owners Keep Employees Motivated - February 24, 2016

Revealing five key ways for keeping employees engaged, and motivating them to be productive and successful.

How to Use Employee Recognition to Transform Your Company - October 30, 2015

Making employee recognition an exciting, shared experience can have a transformative impact on the way people relate to their jobs and each other in this digital age.

New Products of the Week - October 26, 2015

NetworkWorld's roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell, Sonus Networks and HooplaTV.

Hoopla Launches Digital Signage Solution for Employee Engagement - October 22, 2015

Hoopla announced the launch of the next generation of Hoopla TV, which is aimed at empowering companies to foster a culture of recognition and reward.

The Data-Driven Rebirth of a Salesman- September 17, 2015

The combination of predictive smarts and automation promises to push sales into a new era of data-driven efficiency, just as it has fields as diverse as advertising and professional sports. To stay viable, sales departments are looking for a digital leg up from other companies.

Meet Cindy Padnos, Managing Partner at Illuminate Ventures - August 8, 2015

Users don’t just like their [Hoopla's] product, they love it. Hoopla’s word-of-mouth sales volume is incredible, including more than half of our own portfolio companies.

Fuel the Sales Fire with Hoopla Software - August 4, 2015

Ebsta spoke to Sales Account Executive Lucas Dillow across the Atlantic in Silicon Valley, Calif to learn more about the birth of Hoopla and how they use Ebsta to increase sales.

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