Sales managers are constantly seeking new ways to motivate sales reps while also keeping them on task. Sales reps are a company’s first touch point with a prospect and customer; the better they perform, the more the company succeeds. However, the repetitive cold-outreach process can create weariness and the constant emphasis on tasks and quotas can be exhausting.

Hoopla is a sales motivation platform designed to create visibility into the progress of sales reps and highlight their successes. Yesware is a sales productivity tool that allows you to track email opens and response rates, meetings booked, calls logged and presentations given and sync this data with Salesforce. Hoopla can take the data gathered by Yesware through Salesforce and display this information on leaderboards across the office in real-time. This makes prospecting fun, interactive and engaging. The metrics become more than a number – they become a challenge and motivator.

Sales reps are already spending countless hours a day sending emails , making calls and updating their CRM. With Yesware sales reps can prioritize all of their outreach, track the results that matter and not worry about manually entering data because they can update contacts, leads and accounts directly from their inboxes. Hoopla automatically syncs with Salesforce and makes these metrics come to life. When reps see their names in lights on TVs across the company, they begin to unleash their inner star and competitive spirit.

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In this day in age, sales reps are looking for real-time feedback. Both Yesware and Hoopla provide them with just that. While using Yesware reps receive notifications when their emails to prospects are opened – they are actively engaging in the conversation and planning their follow up. Hoopla takes the resulting metrics such as response rate and open rate, and makes them instantly visual. The Hoopla TV channel makes reps feel as though they are being featured on a live sports network and creates a culture of excitement at work.

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