Yes Motivated Employees Make Better Companies: Here’s Why.


How often are you satisfied with the bare minimum? When you ordered that burrito bowl the other day and the worker barely filled the scooper with chicken, did you praise them for their shrewd business acumen? Do you think they were feeling motivated? 

So why do we settle for the bare minimum in our own work? Why are we so focused on a self-made finish line instead of trying to break new records? We are constantly putting limits on our own abilities, and it’s all because of a lack of motivation. 

If you–if your employees–have nothing else to work for than the weekend, you’re doing something wrong. But this isn’t an incurable problem. There are ways to reshape your and your employees’ motivation in ways that you may have never even imagined. And it starts with you: start to rethink how you view your company, your management style, and your objectives as an organization–and in that, you’ll find a whole new path forward towards an all around better team.

Performance Management vs. Micro-Management

A few years ago, Deloitte published an extensive analysis of their own revamped performance management strategy, and raised this game-changing question: “Is performance management at root more about ‘management’ or about ‘performance’? Put differently, although it may be great to be able to measure and reward the performance you have, wouldn’t it be better still to be able to improve it?” For them, then, the objective was not simply to analyze performance, but to fuel it

As managers, one major temptation is to shepherd our teams rather than empower them. And at it’s root, that is an issue of trust: when we don’t trust our team members to do the right things, we end up micromanaging instead of developing and truly helping manage their performances.  If you feel like your employees aren’t quite motivated, start by empowering them–show them that you believe in their potential, and task them with taking their role to new heights. That’s where good management starts, and where motivation thrives.

Goals Breed Engagement

One of the most important tools an empowered and engaged employee can wield is a goal. Whether it’s mapping out their sales numbers for the year, or trying to hit certain numbers on that KPI dashboard, goals help to inspire and motivate to make work feel accomplishing and fulfilling.

 This week spend some time with your team and help them to set their own goals, so that they have something to work for besides sitting around hoping you notice their good performance. Whether your team is in sales, customer service, or anything in between, you’re giving them something concrete to fight for day in and day out.

Ownership is a Team Sport

It’s tantamount, however, that your employees don’t set goals that isolate them from the rest of the team. You’re not an island, and your employees have to be bought into your vision for broad success. 

We’re seeing startups rise and fall every day, and a major factor in a company continuing that upward trajectory is the confidence their whole team has in the company’s mission. Make sure that your team is bought into their mission, and you’ll be amazed at how motivated they’ll become.