Building a productive, motivated, inspired and successful sales team from the ground up takes a good deal of time, knowledge and best practices. Whether you are a beginning stage startup looking to make your first few sales hires or a later stage startup looking to scale your team, we have put together an Ebook to help make your job a little easier. Below is an excerpt: The Ideal Startup Sales Candidate baby plants growing The type of sales person you would hire in a startup company is very different from one you would hire in a later stage or large company. The startup sales person is helping to create the wheel from scratch. There is more risk and more mistakes to be made. Working in the startup world is like going camping and sleeping in tents, catching your own fish to eat, building your own campfires versus being in an RV with a satellite TV, showers and espresso machine. Make sure you hire people accordingly. Here are some great characteristics to look out for: • Starting out in their Career Woman Graduate Those who are just starting out in their career and are looking to make a name for themselves tend to have ideals aligned with the startup mentality. They want to grow their career along with the company and are likely to put in the extra effort to do both. • Scrappy, Self-starter Man building In a startup company, resources are limited and processes are rarely well defined. It is important to hire someone who can make the most out of limited resources and who isn’t in need of finely detailed instructions to get started. • Willingness to Learn Dog Reading You don’t need to be an expert on how copiers work to be good at selling them, same with technology or any other product. How a product or software works can be taught, the willingness to learn can’t. Look out for individuals who are excited about learning new tasks and being outside of their comfort zone. • Team Player Team Soccer Going back to the boat analogy, everyone you hire needs to be able to work well with and support their team. It is better to hire someone who likes to learn from and encourage their peers than someone who is only focused on their own success, no matter how bright –‘brilliant jerks’ as we call them. Without a great team dynamic the learning process for everyone will be much slower, the culture in the office will be grim and progress will be stagnant. The boat, eventually, will sink. • High Energy, High Integrity Man on phone The role of a sales person is changing. No longer are sales people seen as the disingenuous car salesman archetype. A good sales person’s charisma and integrity is evident, especially over the phone. Today 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone according to SalesForce (link), so it is important that your sales person has great energy that carries through all mediums. Mike Andersen Mike Andersen, our vice president of sales here at Hoopla Software, has over 15 years of experience managing and scaling inside sales teams. He has hired over 500 people over his career, and previously grew a team of 8 people to 70 at Aerohive in 3 years, while also growing inside revenue from $3M to $50M to drive the company to a successful IPO. In this eBook he shares tips and tricks based on what he has learned over the years to help you build the best sales team imaginable. Learn more about hiring the best startup sales team: Ebook Book Cover Download our Ebook: The Startup Guide to Building The Best Sales Team