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Salesforce IoT Cloud: Massive Scale For ‘Internet Of Customers’

Forbes Dreamforce IoT Cloud Booth Both Lightning and Thunder jolted the audience out of their seats at this week’s massive Dreamforce conference. But the news wasn’t about the weather. It was all about two major platform announcements by customer relationship management leader Read Now

5 Big Takeaways from the Dreamforce Women’s Leadership Summit

Hubspot Blog Jessica Alba and Susan Wojcicki at the Dreamforce Women’s Leadership Summit Dreamforce 2015 featured an entire day focused on one issue: workplace equality. Corporate leaders and celebrities — from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette — gathered in San Francisco to discuss not only how they are driving change on the subject in their organizations and industries, but how other men and women can do the same. Here are five of the biggest takeaways from the Women’s Leadership Summit. Read Now

The Data-Driven Rebirth of a Salesman

Wall Street Journal  Wall Street Journal Front Page The combination of predictive smarts and automation promises to push sales into a new era of data-driven efficiency, just as it has fields as diverse as advertising and professional sports. To stay viable, sales departments are looking for a digital leg up from other companies. Read Now

How to Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Hoopla Blog coworkers chatting at desk Eliminating distractions and visualizing goals can have a major impact on your team’s productivity. Learn some quick tips on how to boost productivity. Read Now Stop worrying about employee retention and motivation, get started with a free trial of Hoopla today. hoopla product image About the Author Linnea Goldstein, Co-op Linnea Goldstein, Co-op Linnea Goldstein is a Marketing Co-op and Northeastern University senior, working in communications, marketing and public relations. When Linnea isn’t at work she enjoys reading, sailing and being outside.