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How Gamification Is Engaging Customers and Employees Alike


Person playing an arcade game

Many people associate gamification with gaming (the kind that entails either gambling and/or long hours in a dark room). Gamification, however, is more scientific than those activities: It’s the practice of synthesizing the best ideas from gaming, loyalty programs and behavioral economics, with the aim of driving user engagement over indifference. Salespeople, for example, can win rewards when they reach certain goals, and compete with one other to attain those rewards.

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Want Happier Employees? Focus on These 3 Things [Infographic]

Hubspot Blog

Happiness at work infographic

Studies show that the three things that make people happiest at work are autonomy, purpose and mastery. That means allowing employees to manage their own time and projects, ensuring they feel the positive impact they’re making on others with their work, and investing in their continuous professional development. Check out the following infographic below to learn more about what makes employees happy at work.

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The Comprehensive List Of Employee Engagement Activities


Title Graphic- A comprehensive list of employee engagement

You want employees who are excited to come to work and ready to contribute. Engaged employees are good employees, and they’re the type who make your job easy as a manager. But it’s on you to create an environment that fosters employee engagement. As long as you set aside time, resources and budget to prioritize these activities, you’ll be well on your way to creating an environment that puts employees as its core.

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7 Elements of a Strong Work Ethic


Egg Carton with faces drawn on the eggs

Have you ever tried to do business with someone who didn’t seem to take pleasure in the job, or care? Perhaps you didn’t go back to this person because you didn’t like the way you were treated, or lacked confidence in that business as a whole. Did you then spread the word to others about your bad experience? When you own your own business, “bad press” like this can affect your bottom line and your reputation. The solution is to foster and maintain a strong work ethic to keep you and your employees energized. 

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Make Fantasy Football a Motivation Tool, Not a Distraction For Your Office

Hoopla Blog

Fantasy Football Logo

This year roughly 40 million people will plan on drafting a fantasy football team. Read these 4 tips to turn this potential distraction into a company motivational tool.

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5 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Work Relationships

Hoopla Blog

two employees share ideas

Opening new accounts and encouraging transactions are important, but relationship building should be prioritized just the same. Strong connections that go beyond the mundane emails and telephone calls bring real value and commitment to the work place. Check out some ways you can build long-lasting work relationships.

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