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4 Ways Innovative Companies are Celebrating Their Employees


Employee holding a trophy

To create an employee recognition program that goes beyond the traditional bonus pay and “employee of the month” rewards, here are four ways some of today’s most innovative companies recognize their employees.

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11 Influencing Skills and Principles Used By Successful Sales Teams

Salesforce Blog

Salesforce - Almost half of sales people never follow up with a prospect

The best sales teams are those that know how to influence people. But while certain salespeople have an innate understanding of the skills necessary to persuade potential buyers, there are others who need development in those areas. Here are five skills vital in not only influencing a buyer, but sales success.

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Product Spotlight: Hoopla

Technology Advice 

Hoopla Product Spotlight, TechnologyAdvice

In this product spotlight video, Hoopla’s CEO, Mike Smalls, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Smalls shares how Hoopla helps engage and motivate employees in the workplace.

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Employee Turnover Rate – 3 Signs You Are In Trouble

Hoopla Blog

Employee handing in letter of resignation

Every time a top employee leaves a company, it costs around $10,000 – $40,000 to recruit, hire and train someone new. Managers concerned about these costs should use the following key indicators to determine if their employee turnover rate needs an adjustment.

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What You Should Know About Motivating and Retaining Employees [Infographic]

Hoopla Blog

employee motivation infographic header

Making sure your employees are motivated and engaged is at the crux of employee retention. We have created an infographic to summarize everything you need to know motivating and retaining your employees.

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