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7 Tips To Boost Sales In August


Upward Arrows

Most business owners and salespeople assume making calls in August is pointless because decision makers are on vacation. What does this mean for you? It means people are at their desks, often in good moods and are more likely to pick up their phones to speak with you.

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How to Give Tough Feedback That Helps People Grow

Harvard Business Review 

Two employees sitting and talking

Giving developmental feedback that sparks growth is a critical challenge to master, because it can make the difference between an employee who contributes powerfully and positively to the organization and one who feels diminished by the organization and contributes far less. A true developmental leader sees the raw material for brilliance in every employee and creates the conditions to let it shine, even when the challenge is tough.

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Keep Virtual Workers Engaged From the Start With These 4 Simple Onboarding Practices


A computer and desk in the middle of a field

When you work with remote employees, an exceptional and thorough onboarding program is critical. Certainly it’s challenging to keep remote workers engaged. But setting the right tone at the onboarding stage will improve engagement, productivity and employee satisfaction. So, if your company utilizes remote workers, follow these four best practices to set up the entire team for success.

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Sales Presentation [Infographic]


Woman giving a presentation

According to the graphic, a perfect sales presentation contains an inspiring story, snappy value proposition, social proof, and a call to action, among other components. How do you construct each of these sections and wrap them up in a unified and appealing package? Check out the best practices below to build beautiful slides that sell.

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How OutboundEngine Uses Hoopla to Amplify Sales Celebration Culture

Hoopla Blog

OutboundEngine Case Study Cover

OutboundEngine is built on training, development, recognition, celebration and accountability. The company was looking for a way to strengthen these ideals as well as create visibility within the sales team and across departments.

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