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Motivating Employees Is Good Business


Venn Diagram: Engaged, Happy and Motivated Employee is the ideal employee

Smart business owners know that there’s a direct link between motivating employees to be successful in their assignments and the success of that business. There are many ways to successfully motivate employees and all of them require managers to focus on the human beings with whom they work, and who desire to find their own success. Consider these six motivational elements.

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6 Lead Generation Tactics That Can Give Startups a Big Boost


Rocketship Taking Off

Generating a steady supply of new leads and building your pipeline is a critical part of developing a profitable business. However, it can be a challenging process. If you’re lacking inspiration on how to generate leads, here are some you can put to use right away.

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Our Interview with Hoopla, the Sales Performance Platform built on Salesforce


Ebsta Logo

Read this interview between Ebsta and Sales Account Executive Lucas Dillow to learn more about the birth of Hoopla.

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The Emotional Impulses That Poison Healthy Teams

Harvard Business Review

Employees holding paper with many different emotions

Teams are everywhere at work. Sadly, though, most of them aren’t terribly effective—or fun. How can we improve teams? How can we make them an aspect of work that contributes to our happiness rather than adding to our misery?

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6 Ways to Be Your Company’s Top Sales Rep

Hoopla Blog

Happy Sales Rep

Everyone wants to be a top sales rep but getting there isn’t easy. What separates the best sales leader from the rest? Check out 6 tips that you can use to help you get crowned best sales rep.

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