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Is It Better to Hire For Innovation or Expertise on a Sales Team?

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Tested sales veterans and hungry rookies alike have the ability to add value to your sales staff. It’s also true that hires from either group are bound to come with distinct challenges that may make them a poor fit for your business. And making a bad hire can cost you more than just new business. With so much on the line, how do you know which route to take when building your sales team?

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5 Hidden Dangers of a Stereotypical Startup Culture


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The stereotypical startup culture can be highly effective, because their hours are flexible; workers are happier and in many cases, more productive; offices are “fun,” with more people wanting to work there and clients get an intriguing first impression. However, this type of culture, like any other, has drawbacks to go along with its benefits. Stereotypical startup culture is not appropriate for every new business, as you’ll see in these five hidden dangers.

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Sales Ops: Masters of Change Management

Business 2 Community

The whole point of Sales Operations is to maximize the efficiency of the sales team, which is why Sales Ops professionals have to master the administrative technique of change management. This is one of the reasons the field of Sales Operations has been invested in so heavily in the past decade. To demonstrate this point, consider these 4 steps that lay the foundation for effective change management.

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8 Team Member Types Challenge Every Startup Leader


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The most valuable assets of a new startup are the people on the team, and the most challenging task of the entrepreneur and team leaders is to spend their leadership time and energy productively. There are four behavioral categories and eight team member subtypes, and every entrepreneur should take a look at their current startup team and assess their leadership challenges ahead.

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How Technology Aids Inside Sales Execution

1to1 Media

Inside sales teams are typically responsible for generating significant portions of their company’s revenue, making solid processes and best practices more important than ever for successful execution. And while the same sets of processes won’t work in every sales organization, research reveals that those companies that have well-defined and structured processes typically generate better performance than their peers. Read how technology aids these processes. 

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Everything You’ll Feel This Sales Quarter in 12 Gifs

Hoopla Blog

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Being a sales rep is not easy. Sometimes the quarter doesn’t go exactly the way you planned. Here are 12 Gifs to explain the many emotions you experience during a sales quarter. 

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