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The 3 Biggest Pet Peeves of Today’s Buyer & Why They’re So Annoying


Sales reps have a bad reputation nowadays. Trouble is, they’re in a dilemma: They need to engage new prospects, but the traditional methods they’ve used for so long are no longer effective.

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Transform and Amplify Employee Engagement Strategy

Cloud Contact Center

The way people communicate in their personal lives has shifted dramatically with the mobile and social revolution, but the tools businesses use to connect their workforce have failed to adapt to this new paradigm.

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How Operatix Uses Hoopla to Increase Communication and Visibility Internationally

Hoopla Case Study

Operatix experienced accelerated growth over the last 3 years and expanded into three offices across two continents, San Jose California, Dallas Texas, and London. Needing a way to connect their USA and UK offices to improve visibility and communication, as well as to motivate both teams, Operatix management turned to Hoopla. Hoopla is keeping the entire team engaged and up to date on all activities across continents, download the case study to find out how!

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The Magic of Positivity and Recognition at Work


Negativity is a disease that can infect an entire workplace, demotivate employees and cause massive turnover. Is your workplace on the right path, or on a downward spiral? Dr. Tina Hallis, the author of this ebook, can help you start using positivity to increase performance, creativity and happiness in the workplace.

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Stop worrying about employee retention and motivation, get started with a free trial of Hoopla today.

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