Keep up with the latest entrepreneurship, startup, sales and business news by reading our weekly Sales News Roundup, posted every Friday. The End of Expertise Harvard Business Review What if what you know didn’t matter anymore? What if knowledge became a commodity? What if everyone could be an expert? Far-fetched, you think? Well, in fact, the “what if” is no longer speculative; it is here already. Talk to people in such professional service industries as private banking, auditing, consulting, even engineering, and you begin to hear concerns about the commoditization of professional knowledge.. Read Now   5 Common Myths About Creativity Forbes Mention the word creativity, and people begin to squirm in their chairs. The very thought can prompt anxiety, fear, and doubt – even in the most accomplished professionals. Let’s explore some common myths, and uncover the truth behind this “fuzzy” topic. Read Now   6 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Bad Hire Entrepreneur Smart business owners know the best investment any company can make is hiring the right people. According to this small business report, 38 percent of small businesses in the survey have plans to hire more employees over the next year. Good employees will work hard, be your brand ambassadors, and create a culture of camaraderie for your business. On the other hand, a bad employee can be poisonous, spreading negative attitudes that can be disastrous in the way your team interacts and works. Eventually, this poor fit will negatively affect profit and growth. Read Now   New Press Release: Hoopla Introduces Visual Communication Platform Hoopla Hoopla, the visual communication platform that connects, engages and motivates your entire company, plans to transform how people interact at work. The way people communicate in their personal lives has shifted dramatically with the mobile and social revolution, but the tools businesses use to connect their workforce have failed to adapt to this new paradigm. Read Now   First American Equipment Finance Uses Hoopla to Enhance Culture & Performance Hoopla Learn how First American Equipment Finance is using Hoopla to transform their culture and increase team performance with visual communication across their company. Read Now   Stop worrying about employee retention and motivation, get started with a free trial of Hoopla today. hoopla product image About the Author Linnea Goldstein, Co-op Linnea Goldstein, Co-op Linnea Goldstein is a Marketing Co-op and Northeastern University senior, working in communications, marketing and public relations. When Linnea isn’t at work she enjoys reading, sailing and being outside.