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Voices.com boosts sales performance, culture, and morale with Hoopla


Ben Jackson, VP of Sales at Voices.com, oversees a team of more than 60 Sales and Business Development reps. With a growing team, Ben needed a solution to maintain the communication and teamwork of his existing team while he added new staff that would extend his team beyond the one floor of the office they were already on.
Sales reps love receiving recognition for their achievements, so Ben was looking for a solution that could automate the tracking and recognition of goals for his growing team. The data existed in Salesforce reports and Excel spreadsheets, but required Ben to either share it with the team, or they’d have to search for it themselves. Recognition or achievements was neither timely nor well known throughout the company.
A sales rep could be having a breakthrough day or have sold a big deal to an important client – but it wasn’t always easy to recognize or celebrate the achievement in a way that significantly rewarded and motivated his team as it happened. So when CEO David Ciccarelli introduced Hoopla to Ben, he knew this was the solution to combat the limited visibility and connectedness of the team.

How is Hoopla being used at Voices.com?

Having key metrics displayed on Leaderboards gave Voices.com the transparency and ease of use Ben was looking for. Voices.com has one Channel with as many as 20 steps. They broadcast this on 7 TVs throughout their office. The steps include not only revenue tracking, but calls, demos, emails, and activities. The individual dashboards for the team, as well as the company, created a sense of community by keeping everyone in the know of deals closed and personal milestones reached.
Every player has their own photos and have even created their own custom songs to go off whenever they hit their quotas. The celebratory song snippets are unique to each rep and allow you to recognize each individual even from a distance.

Impact of Hoopla on sales performance


Voices.com’s average deal size has increased 42%.

Since implementing Hoopla office-wide, Voices.com’s average deal size has increased 42%. Alerts were going off so often that Ben needed to set a higher threshold upon which the alerts would go off, which then motivated his sales reps to seal bigger deals. Each rep set up Hoopla to play a specific song, special for each and every individual Account Manager for every deal or quote that is $500 or more. This feature motivated the sales team to go after bigger and bigger deals to have their song played. Reps began to hit well over their quotas to strive for #1 on the Leaderboards.


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