Vera is an organization that is changing the way sensitive data is protected. They allow organizations like CapitalOne and The Pokemon Company to secure all their intellectual property in a seamless, easy to use way. Vera understands if security is hard to use, it will simply be bypassed. When they were looking for a solution to increase competitiveness and engagement among their sales team they knew Hoopla was the right choice.

With offices around the globe, Chelsea Parker, Sales Development Manager, knew that they needed a way to communicate wins, and celebrate employee success across the organization. “We were looking to improve visibility company wide. With TV’s at HQ and in our remote offices, it allows for the whole company to celebrate the wins together.”She says.

Hoopla was an easy choice for Chelsea. After using it at a previous company, she took note of how much the reps enjoyed the competitiveness, and decided to implement Hoopla at Vera. She found the onboarding process super easy to understand and was able to get Hoopla up and running herself quickly with no prior knowledge. Her team also had a great time setting up their profiles and customizing their songs and pictures.

Once implemented she saw an impact on team camaraderie. Spinning up quick competition, whether a tournament, battle or a 1 on 1 challenge  between reps had never been easier. The real-time leaderboards and transparency were continuous reminders of the overall team goals, keeping the spotlight on winning together.

Chelsea believes that Hoopla is an integral part of any sales organization, “Honestly, I am just super satisfied with the tool. My first thing everyday is to get the TV on and every time it goes off, literally just leaves a smile on everyone’s face.”