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Top 5 Dreamforce Moments We Loved


Salesforce’s Dreamforce, the largest tech conference in San Francisco, took over last week with over 170,000 attendees and 1,400 sessions. We look forward to this conference every year as it’s a great place to hear from the leaders in the industry, discover new companies, and there’s always a few exciting surprises. If you missed all the action, or spent most of the week working hard at your company’s booth in the expo hall, don’t worry, we put together our favorite highlights for you to enjoy:

1. Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, and Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, Discussed Work Culture

It was great to see these two powerful voices in Silicon Valley speak about work culture and what it means to define the “heart” in a business. Benioff asked Kalanick about the recent press around negative culture at Amazon and how this reflects on his own goals around work-life at Uber.

“You spend half your day working and it should matter, it should be more than just work, it should be something you believe in,” Kalanick said.

Benioff pushed a little harder, asking Kalanick about how people will know if Uber has a heart. The Uber CEO went on to discuss the importance of giving back and making work meaningful for your employees.

marc benioff and travis kalanick

2. Stevie Wonder Opened The Keynote

Every year we look forward to Marc Benioff’s keynote to learn about what Salesforce is introducing to the market in the new year. Everyone in the audience was pleasantly surprised when after filing into the auditorium, the stage lit up with Stevie Wonder perched behind his piano. He sang crowd favorites like “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” “Signed Sealed Delivered” and “Superstition.” Some people got up to dance and nearly everyone had a smile on their face.

stevie wonder

3. And of course, the Keynote

Marc Benioff started off by explaining how we have gone through a mobile revolution, social revolution, data science revolution and now an IoT revolution, which is changing the way we work and engage. He then went on to say; “The internet of things is really the internet of customers.”
This was a segue into the announcement of the new Salesforce platform, Lightning, which Salesforce built from the ground up for a better user experience. Benioff and his co-founder, Parker Harris, discussed the new capabilities, appearance and the ability to easily build custom apps within the platform.

They also announced their IoT cloud, which uses relationship intelligence, to enable Salesforce customers to personalize the way they sell, service and market. It takes information from email, calendars and more to give smart recommendations and analysis. It sounds very cool!

4. GuideSpark Shared the Hoopla Love

Cambria Shapiro, GuideSpark’s Sales Operations leader, spoke at an AppExchange session about how Hoopla transformed her company and sales reps. She said she loves how Hoopla is able to connect their offices and how much it excites her sales reps.

“Our reps love being able to choose their walk up songs…some guys play Taylor swift when they close a deal,” Shapiro said.

5. Women in Tech Spotlighted

This year was the first year Dreamforce held a Women’s Innovation Summit. Salesforce has taken a stance on the issue surrounding women in tech this past year and this summit was a great way to do just that. Some highlights included an interview with Re/code Kara Swisher and Marc Benioff, along with his co-founder Parker Harris. Swisher asked some tough questions and Benioff stood strong on championing women in leadership.

“We’re going to be the change we are seeking,” Benioff said.

There was also a Women’s Leadership panel which included Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, Jessica Alba, Founder of The Honest Company and Gayle King, co-anchor on CBS This Morning.

Overall it was an exciting Dreamforce as usual. Didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth? Learn about how Hoopla transforms companies like yours here.


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