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Three Ways We Use Hoopla to Improve Company Culture


If I had to describe Hoopla’s culture in one word, I would say it’s boisterous. Every morning, when I get off the elevator, I’m greeted with noise coming from the Hoopla offices. Whether it be laughter over the latest viral video, shrieks from a Spike Ball game, or a heated argument over the correct pronunciation of GIF, the office is always boisterous. No matter the day of the week or the time of the year, we all legitimately love working here at Hoopla and it shows. Now let me be perfectly clear: things aren’t always roses and sunshine. But, we easily overcome the stressful or difficult times, and are able to do so because we have a strong company culture.

Lucky for us, we actually make a really amazing product that we use to foster this awesome culture. Hoopla TV is so much more than sales leaderboards and I love the multitude of ways our product can be used. To simplify things (and because I’m a fan of alliteration), I’ve divided these into what I call the three A’s of Hoopla: Accolades, Amusement & Autonomy.



One of the most commonly used features in our product is the Newsflash feature. A Newsflash “interrupts” the channel you’re broadcasting on TV, with an important announcement, such as announcing the closing of a big account or a rep meeting a monthly quota attainment. But wait, there’s more! Did you know that we have more than one type of Newsflash? It’s true! Besides Salesforce Newsflashes, Hoopla offers several other ways to utilize the Newsflash feature, allowing you to give accolades to anyone in your company, not just the Sales team.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through our Slack integration. With Slack Newsflashes, you can give a shoutout to your Office Manager for ordering your favorite flavor of La Croix or congratulate one of your coworkers on their engagement, the options are limitless. Additionally, our Zapier integration opens up Newsflashes for other departments in your company: set up a Zapier Newsflash when someone on the Support team closes a Zendesk ticket or thank the engineers for fixing an especially tricky bug.

However you choose to go about triggering a Newsflash, the end result is the same. When you recognize someone’s hard work, they feel appreciated and valued.




Recognition of hard work is great and people like to feel valued, but sometimes you just need a little break. So you go onto Instagram to look at some funny meme that’s making the rounds…and, maybe you share it with the people in your pod at the office and so can get a laugh. Well Hoopla lets you take that to the next level; why not broadcast that meme on your TV screens? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been snapped out of a funk from something hilarious I’ve seen on screen. Whether it’s an especially hideous Snapchat face swap or a pug playing a synthesizer, those brief moments of laughter help us get through stressful days. I’ve seen a lot of our customers make custom memes, gifs and videos; you can totally trick out your channel with hilarious custom content. So don’t be afraid to post that funny gif; people are always going to laugh at a fat cat struggling to get through a pet door.



All of this is possible because Hoopla is a highly customizable product. As such, a Hoopla admin can post whatever he/she wants. Here at Hoopla, we’re all admins, and we’re encouraged to post often, whether it’s a funny meme or a photo-collage from one of our events.

Not every office gives each Hoopla player admin status, but that doesn’t mean individual players can’t make their own unique mark on Hoopla TV. Reps can upload profile pics, personalized songs, even transition videos at any time and as many times as possible. One way we keep things fresh here is playing with themes. Switching out profile pics and transition videos is a great way to keep your team’s eyes on your Hoopla channel and keep employees motivated.


Our CSM Greg Rockwell’s favorite walk-up song for hitting quotas – “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

You just got Rick Rolled.

So there you have it! The three A’s of Hoopla; now go forth and make your office culture awesome!

…And for the record, it’s pronounced GIF with a hard g, as in G(raphics) I(nterchange) F(ormat).