The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Checklist To Reaching Your Goals


Prospecting is vital to the success of any sales team. Without prospects, the pipeline and sales funnel begins to wither. Unfortunately, many people spend their valuable sales time on contacting bad leads, or even worse, cold calling. To ensure your sales team isn’t wasting their time, it’s important to implement strong sales prospecting techniques before contact is ever made with an individual. Here are five techniques a sales team can use to prospect more effectively:  

  • Define the Target — Do your sales professionals have a crystal-clear idea of the prospects you want them to call on? Without this, even if new orders pour in, they may not be the ones you are looking for.
  • Create the List — Are you exploring all of the many sources of new prospects, such as Twitter profiles and supplier referrals? It’s easy to get in a rut and look for leads in the same places.
  • Schedule the Work — Does your sales team follow best practices for prospecting effectively? Do you have a standardized system?
  • Research — Are you gathering the correct prospect data, and all of it? Your CRM works only as well as the data that goes into it.
  • Plan the Attack — If the sales team has been organized up until now, but then “wings it” when time comes to make actual contact with the prospect, all is lost.
  • Get Excited — Some business leaders scratch their heads because all the prospecting fundamentals are in place, but somehow results are weak. Perhaps the issue is motivation. Are sales reps doing the things enumerated in this section? They can help!

This checklist can be used as way to start a conversation with your sales manager or the whole sales team. These tips are an easy way to give your sales prospecting activities a top-to-bottom review. Take a look at the Sales Prospecting Checklist and start prospecting like a pro today:  

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