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The Psychology Behind Digital Signage Effectiveness in Sales Teams


Having a well thought out internal communication plan is crucial in attracting and retaining top talent, especially in sales teams.

By using 400 percent more views than static displays, so you can be sure everyone in the office is informed.

However, understanding why salespeople respond well to digital signage is the first step in being able to use it effectively.


Human Brains Are Made for Digital Processing

If you really want to connect with your sales team, digital signage is the way to go. This is because visual processing is essentially what the brain is designed to do:


  • If you hear a piece of information, then a few days later you will only remember 10 percent. But if you add a picture to that information, recall goes up to 65 percent.
  • Studies have shown that people process an image and attach meaning to it in 0.15 seconds. In comparison, words take much longer to understand, even if you are a speed reader.

In an industry such as sales that hinges on quick responses and fast-paced pitches, allowing employees to take in and process information as quickly as possible is a way to allow them to stay ahead of the game.


Healthy Competition Drives People

Competition drives people to be the best version of themselves possible, and it does this by forcing people outside of their comfort zone to create better products and services. Competition also promotes creative thinking. For this reason, healthy competition among sales teams can encourage change and innovation, which will be represented in their overall performance as well.

Here, digital signage is crucial, as it is important to broadcast real-time leaderboards and present prizes on a platform everybody can view, to increase productivity and incite healthy competition. What this does is build morale through a sense of belonging, teamwork, and rewards-based goals.




Socially Balanced Employees Are Happy Employees

As the meaning of work-life balance continues to change, employees are looking to be able to maintain some sort of social balance in the workplace.

Feeding into the social aspect of work-life through digital signage is a way to keep employees engaged without allowing them to become completely distracted. You can keep them updated with the top trending sales hashtags every hour, play a morale-boosting song at the closing of every day, or update them on important industry information.

Allowing employees to participate in this sharing of social information creates an inclusive atmosphere, whether it be through submitting their pitch for a new sales intro across the signs in the office or the best inspirational video to their team members. Sales reps feel valued because their voices are heard and because they are directly contributing to the internal communication.




Encourage Employee-Generated Digital Content

Using digital signage attracts and retains the attention of salespeople through dynamic real-time updates and helps facilitate a strong company culture that embodies collaboration, communication and competition.

One marketing tip for understanding and engaging with customers is to engage in user-generated content, and using digital signage for a sales team should be no different.

Encouraging your sales team to share different perspectives on their jobs can be done in many different ways, but it should ultimately allow employees to contribute to your corporate storytelling endeavors. Allowing your employees to interact with the corporate brand via digital signage is not only playing to the way their brains are already wired, but you are encouraging them to take ownership of their job, which in turn increases engagement.

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