Negativity is a disease that can infect an entire workplace, demotivate employees and eventually cause massive turnover. As the economy improves, the best employees with the best attitudes will leave their unfulfilling jobs. They will be looking for those place that offer a positive workplace, where they can grow and add value. Companies that don’t care about their people will be left with employees that don’t care about their work, resulting in their downward spiral. Is your workplace on the right path? If not, we can help get you there. The future belongs to these forward-thinking companies that recognize the three critical factors that shape employee performance – the employee, the manager and the company. They understand the hug payoff in teaching their people strategies to improve their personal positivity and well-being. They hire and train managers that create a positive work environment for their people. They provide services, resources and policies that show they care about the success of their people. Negativity in your workplace won’t just ensure employees are unhappy, but it will take away from your bottom line due to lost productivity and high turnover. Without giving too much away, Dr. Tina Hallis reminds us that a company is made up of many working parts and people, and each have the power to improve morale or bring it down. She gives tips for remaining positive as an individual as well as what a company can do to change the mood around their office. For more information on the cost of retaining employees, check out our blog post Employee Turnover Rate – 3 Signs You Are In Trouble . Dr. Tina Hallis is a professional speaker and founder of The Positive Edge, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations increase their positivity to improve the quality of people’s work lives and the quality of company cultures. In this ebook she provides helpful tips to employees, managers, and executives to help transform their work-life and office cultures into one of positivity and recognition. When employees feel a sense of purpose and belonging, they perform better. Tina has provided actionable suggestions that you can bring to the office today.