Stuck in a Sales Slump? Here’s How To Stay Motivated All Year Round


There’s probably a good excuse for that sales slump. Probably. You had a great Q1, of course it’s going to be a little slow at the start of Q2. Hey the markets aren’t so hot either, of course clients are going to be a little gun shy.

Whatever the excuse, let’s call a spade a spade: either you, or your team, is in a slump. They’re natural, but what matters is how you handle it today. So let’s take a look at how you can not only beat that sales slump, but turn it into a serious sales win.

Sales Science 101: Why Do Slumps Happen?

It’s hard to say from a neuroscientific perspective what exactly is happening when we experience these slumps, but psychology can certainly lend us a hand. Contributing to Psychology Today, Susan Reynolds speaks to some of what causes the slump that writers often experience as “writers’ block,” saying that writing “incorporates uncertainty, experimentation, and a willingness to create… [it] is a mentally challenging occupation, which requires more hard-core, cognitive expenditure than many other lines of work.”

Sounds a whole lot like sales, doesn’t it?

As we know all too well, sales is a constant battle—and the battle strategy seems to shift with every new prospect. You have to be creative, think on your toes, and challenge yourself on a daily basis. So if you’re experiencing a slump right now, here are three mental changes that you can make to put it in the rear view mirror.

Reframe Your Goals

The truth is you may simply not be motivated by the things that got you through your last big win. Contributing editor at Geoffrey James points out, “what motivated you yesterday may not motivate you today… As you grow, your goals must grow with you.”

Think back to the goals you had as an undergrad, or even before that. Of course they were different than your goals now! And while you may not feel so different than the person you were sixteen years or even six months ago, life has a funny way of changing before we even notice.

Take some time this week to reframe your personal goals: ready for a vacation? Need some work done on the house? You may find that that puts your sales goals in a whole new light, too.

Get a Little Competitive

As we’ve talked about on here before, when you create healthy competition, it can transform morale for you and your team—leading to boosts in performance, and a new outlook for long-term trajectories.

And then of course, as Laura Tentas notes over on the Hubspot blog, it’s important to reward yourself now and then. When someone gets a win, a concrete reward can be the conduit to going back for more.

Shift Your Perspective

Here’s the good news: slumps happen to everybody. As marketing guru Sujan Patel, writing for, keenly reminds us, “Even the best salespeople have bad days — it’s how they get through those days that makes the difference.”

Sales slumps are a reality, but too often they become excuses. Your next win is out there if you’re ready to work hard enough to find it.

Whether it’s time to introduce Motivation Mondays, or simply begin your day by focusing in on your goals, you’ll find that shifting your perspective toward solutions rather than those excuses might just be the key to growth that you’ve been looking for all along.