Performance Management

Q1 Sales Traps Your Team Needs to Avoid


New year, new you? Statistically speaking, probably not… 

USA Today has noted that less than  one in every ten  of us actually follows through on our New Year’s resolutions. 

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to wait until the next January 1st to hit the reset button— whether you’re 3 days in or 9 months past, it’s never too late to jump start your year.

The real problems come when we trick ourselves into a false sense of urgency that leads us to think that it’s more about how muchwe’re getting done instead of what we’re doing. Busyness does not always make for good business. 

So with that in mind, here are three simple areas where you can avoid the most common Q1 pitfalls, and give yourself the year’s start that you truly deserve. 

Find Quality Leads

You might have heard the old adage that there’s no such thing as a bad lead—but we both know that isn’t true, right? When you look at the flat ROI, some leads simply haven’t matured to the point where they’re going to lock down new business in the first quarter—or maybe any quarter for that matter. 

As marketing whiz Prashant Kaw  points out  over on the HubSpot blog, “The reality is fewer, better quality leads … will help sales reps be more productive as they will have more relevant conversations and in general be able to help solve genuine problems faced by their leads and prospects.”

Don’t let new-year jitters make you anxiously chase after huge lead numbers. If you just start chasing down every lead that comes across your plate, you’re going to be spending a lot of time disappointed in work that you shouldn’t have even been focused on in the first place!

Get To Know The Real Decision Maker

And beyond simply hunting down high quality leads, it’s important that the relationships you’re creating with those prospects are those of the real decision makers. 

As we all know, every company has plenty of confident employees ready to think they have more fire-power than they do. But when it comes down to it, there are a very limited number of people who are pulling the strings—and by sniffing them out from the get-go, you’ll be able to get to “yes” on your first pass. 

There are plenty of ways from going about it, but it’s all about poking and prodding. Whether you find connections through LinkedIn, map out their organization with  Salesforce, or simply start calling and asking for referrals from the top down. The bottom line: don’t be afraid to take the time to get this one right.

Build Momentum

Finally, remember what you’re doing here. Your year-long goal may look different than simply closing as many sales as possible in Q1. You may be nurturing relationships that carry you through Q4, and creating in-roads that help you sustain your momentum, instead of slumping straight into your next quarter. 

Set a few minutes out of your day today and as yourself: what kind of year do I want to have, and what  goals do I need to make to get that right? The truth about New Year’s resolutions is that most people don’t make them happen because they don’t even write them down. 

Make the decision today that this year’s going to be your best yet.