2013 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Report Now Available


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Hoopla is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Report from CSO Insights, a respected independent research firm that has been regularly featured in the Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Selling Power Magazine, Inc., and more. The report is available free of charge to our readers. Feel free to forward the link below to your colleagues as well.


To gather the data for this report, CSO Insights conducted a survey of 950 organizations, ranging from small businesses to medium and large enterprises, about their sales compensation and performance management practices. The answers provide a unique view into how companies are motivating, recognizing and rewarding their sales teams, and the impact those efforts are having on their business.

The data provides valuable insights you can use in your sales compensation planning efforts, including:

  • Criteria used to define sales rep quotas
  • Percentage of reps expected to make quota
  • Average quota size
  • Average deal size
  • Sales compensation spend as % of revenue
  • Sales rep turnover rates
  • Impact of compensation plans on selling behaviors
  • Sales use of gamification systems
  • Frequency of SPIF programs
  • SPIFs as % of annual rep pay
  • and much more!

We hope you find the information useful. Do these findings line up with what your company is experiencing? We'd love to hear your thoughts; also, let us know if there are other questions you would like to see answered in next year's survey!