Employee Engagement

Office Culture Feeling Stale? Here’s How One Screen Can Change Everything


What if someone told you that the difference between a dreary, depressed office, and one that was performing to its true potential was just a TV screen?

No, this isn’t about getting everyone excited for Game of Thrones.

It’s about the surprisingly strong impact of digital leaderboards powered by the cloud.

In a brilliant article on the power of leaderboards, Omar Ganai and Steven M. Ledbetter present us with the three major areas of satisfaction that a great leaderboard can produce for a user—in this case, the members of your team:

First is “the satisfaction you get when you complete a challenging goal,” which is what they call competence. Second, there’s “the satisfaction you get when you feel understood and liked by people you care about.” They call this relatedness. Finally, there’s “the satisfaction you get when you act with a sense of personal commitment and choice.” In other words, autonomy.

Without getting too lost in the weeds, we want to unpack all three of those—and show you how it relates on a human level to your employees and the very real needs they have as members of your team every day.

Gamification For Good

Ganai and Ledbetter bring up a really important nuance when they talk about the competition that a leaderboard can spark. There’s the desire to win for some, but for others it’s simply about not losing. And in fact, the fear of losing—the mentality of simply being faster than the slowest runner—can absolutely destroy productivity. And it’s something you’ll certainly want to avoid instilling in your employees.

Instead, the ever-changing possibilities of the digital signage cloud can allow you to change up the way you spark healthy competition for your employees. Because the truth is, there isn’t one type of competition that works every office. This technology helps you to switch up the metrics, and find ways to make everyone feel like they’re seeing wins—not just staying out of the loser’s spot.

Boosting Morale

Moreover, when you’re relying on digital signage, you’re giving yourself the freedom to celebrate however you want. You can send out a newsflash highlighting a particularly great performance, or you can throw up a great video that you want to share with the whole team.

As Karen Higginbottom points out for Forbes, “rewards and recognition for achievements at [our] workplace act as morale booster, which in turn increase [employee] productivity.”

We don’t always have the resources to throw a big party for every little accomplishment, but when you have the ease and flexibility of digital signage, morale boosts—that is, your team feeling valued (relatedness)—become no brainers.

Empowering Accomplishment

Simply put, when your employees can see that their work isn’t simply about clocking in and out—and rather, it’s about hitting real, personal benchmarks, and reaching new heights—something amazing happens: they begin to take ownership of their work.

As we talk about on this blog all the time, one of the greatest gifts you can give your team is the habit of goal setting. Simply by turning your office on to a digital leaderboard, you’re sowing the seeds of goal-setting in a really accessible way. And once they latch on to that sort of autonomy, there’s no stopping their potential.