Hoopla Introduces Visual Communication Platform That Empowers Companies to Foster a Motivating, Performance-Driven Culture

Hoopla TV Enables Employees To Stay Connected By Broadcasting Key Events, Metrics, and Milestones Across Web, Mobile and TV

Hoopla, the visual communication platform that connects, engages and motivates your entire company, today announced the launch of the next generation of Hoopla TV, which empowers companies to foster a culture of recognition and reward. Hoopla TV promotes transparency, improves performance and keeps employees engaged by allowing them to broadcast key events, metrics and milestones anywhere, anytime.

Hoopla’s visual communication platform is a response to traditional methods of communicating company news, recognizing employees and celebrating achievements that no longer appeal to today’s workers. As companies adopt more distributed workforces and email becomes an increasingly cluttered channel for communication, businesses need to rethink the way that they keep employees up-to-date and engaged.

Hoopla brings the best features of new consumer technology to its workforce motivation solution with a highly visual platform that keeps employees connected through fun and exciting walk-up songs, highlight reels, push notifications and real-time interaction. Instead of managers sending emails with goals, metrics and congratulations, or writing them on a whiteboard, Hoopla boosts transparency and visibility by broadcasting common goals and milestones across a platform that people want to engage with.

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