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[New Feature] You want Shuffle, and you want it now


In case you missed it due to copious amounts of eggnog and too many cookies, we announced a pretty big feature just before the holidays: Shuffle. Despite how it sounds, it’s not a dance move. But it is worthy of a happy dance!

Shuffle is all about keeping your Channel visually interesting. It lets you specify categories of images and videos to “shuffle” for step and Newsflash transitions and backgrounds, as well as for image and video steps types. In other words, you could be looking at new graphics every time your channel cycles through on your TV.

Here are some fun ways to get your Shuffle on:

Change your graphics by the season


    Upload custom images and videos relevant to the season, and add appropriate tags: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Update steps on your Channel lineup, opting to shuffle “Winter” graphics (or whatever season applies) for your backgrounds.

Keep Newsflashes interesting


    • Pick a


    that triggers often, and give it a makeover. Enable shuffle for the Newsflash transition, so that each time the Newsflash is triggered, a different graphic will appear. This will keep viewers on their toes, and they’ll be sure to look at the TV to see the details of the Newsflash.

Give company promos or commercials some airtime


    Upload some of your company’s promo videos as custom content, and tag them with “Promo.” Add a Video step to your Channel, and instead of picking one video to display, shuffle all the “Promo” videos. Each time that video step appears in your Lineup, a different promo video will play.

Share customer quotes and raving reviews with the company


    • Use a free design tool like


    to create customer quote slides, then upload them as custom content with the tag “Customer Quote.” Add an Image step to your channel, and shuffle the “Customer Quote” images, so each time that step appears on TV, a different quote is highlighted.

This feature is available to you within Channel configuration, anywhere you’re selecting images or videos for use in your Channel. Check out this help article for details.