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Building a productive, motivated, inspired and successful sales team from the ground up takes a good deal of time, knowledge and best practices. Whether you are a beginning stage startup looking to make your first few sales hires or a later stage startup looking to scale your team, we have put together a guidebook to help make your job a little easier.

Crew Team

Mike Andersen, our Vice President of Sales here at Hoopla Software, has over 15 years of experience managing and scaling inside sales teams. He has hired over 500 people over his career, and previously grew a team of 8 people to 70 at Aerohive in 3 years, while also growing inside revenue from $3M to $50M to drive the company to a successful IPO. In this eBook he shares tips and tricks based on what he has learned over the years to help you build the best sales team imaginable.

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This Ebook Includes:

• Imagine Your Sales Team On a Boat
• The Ideal Startup Sales Candidate
• Interview Tips
• Creating a Motivating Career Path
• Wrap up: 10 Hacks For Building a Startup Sales Team

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