Motivate Employees with Motivation Mondays


Monday mornings. There’s not a much more dreaded time in the business world, except for the end of the quarter. Getting your team excited and pumped up for the week can be a challenge, but everyone wants to start off on the right foot.

Granted, not all of us can be Vince Lombardi, but I found that sometimes I don’t have to be to get the job done. Every Monday, at exactly 8:15AM while people are still working on their second cup of coffee and talking about their weekends all of our Hoopla TV’s switch over to a Motivational video of my choosing for the week. Sometimes, it’s a short 2-minute video and sometimes I go 10 minutes.

It’s my own personal “locker room speech” before my team goes out on the field of battle for the day. I like to believe it helps. It helps me. Maybe if someone has had a bad weekend or is having a bad month at work, this can help them shake it off and jump start the week.

Motivation Mondays Step-by-step:
  1. Find the video. YouTube has tons of them. You can find them with any theme, imagery, and length you want. I like the sports videos, but I’ve used just about every theme out there.
  2. Once you have the video, you’ll have to prepare it to go into the Hoopla Software. To do this, Google YouTube to MP4 and use a converter to download the video file to your computer.
  3.  Login to Hoopla and navigate to the Channels Section.
    1. In the Lineup, Click on Scheduled.
    2. Drag a Video Step over from the available steps. It will create a Segment.
    3. In the details, name the Segment.
    4. Schedule when you would like the video to happen.
    5. Click on the Video tile. In the details, give it a title.
    6. Upload the video and choose whether to play either the entire video or just a portion.

All you have to do after that is wait until the appointed time for the video to play and enjoy watching the new found determination on your teams face as they head out to close deals, win business and solve customer problems.