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Mindfulness in the Workplace


The last day of Dreamforce 2015 was dedicated to a series of talks around mindfulness at home and in the workplace. Leaders from several industries, all who stress the importance of this practice, joined the Mindfulness Keynote on Friday for a morning of positivity and enlightenment.

Before we recap some of the tips Hoopla took away from this keynote, there are several things you should know about mindfulness. Not only did Salesforce dedicate this three hour keynote to mindfulness, but leaders from Google, Cisco, and the World Health Organization all came to share their own ‘best practices.’

Mindfulness is about being purposefully attentive and present in the moment. It is a movement that has grown in the past few years, and in addition to many health and personal benefits, the practice of mindfulness can power the creative process and success.

Here were some highlights we learned from Dreamforce about being mindful, in the workplace and at home:

Teaching Emotional Intelligence

Chade-Meng Tan, Google ‘Jolly Good Fellow’

Meng Tan is an early Google engineer that helped build Google’s first mobile search service, but now focuses on Google’s personal and spiritual development. His official title is “Jolly Good Fellow (Which nobody can deny),” and he teaches classes to google engineers on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

At Dreamforce Meng gave the audience a homework assignment that we found a little awkward, but surprisingly effective. Meng asked the audience to close their eyes and pick someone in the room, without letting them know, and wish that person happiness for 10 seconds. Meng teaches that, “the secret of happiness is to be on the giving end of a kind thought.” He believes if you practice kinds thoughts (he recommends once an hour for just 10 seconds), you create kindness as a habit and you become a kind – and happier – person.

We can say from a first hand experience, Meng’s teachings work. At Hoopla we work hard to recognize our coworkers for their achievements. This talk reinforced our idea that celebrating success will not only make your coworkers happy, but you as well.

Mindfulness and Leadership

Padmasree Warrior; Strategic Advisor and Former CTO, Cisco

Padmasree Warrior was listed as Forbes’ 71st most powerful woman in the world, and the former CTO of Cisco Systems offered Dreamforce attendees some great advice on what it means to be a mindful leader.

Padmasree brought up a key point about office culture, things we already know but don’t often think about. For instance, good pay on its own is not going to engage and retain employees. While there are always exceptions, most people need meaning in their jobs to be happy. Leaders need to be able to create this ‘meaningful’ environment for people by being able to not focus on just themselves, but a greater purpose. Being mindful of the greater picture and progress is not always easy, but according to Padmasree, it is always learnable.

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