Leaderboards combine the competition of athletes and Key Performance Indicators to give your business a meaningful and engaging way to track your team’s performance metrics. By leveraging the power of gamification technology, sales reps can enjoy a live leaderboard that shows where they stand and how they can win. The social media era demands that businesses adjust their communications to keep up with how their teams digest content. Emojis replace long-form emails and presentations can be summed up in a tell-all graphic. Harnessing this form of social engagement to communicate important and dynamic details with your team will help your business communicate better and your team retain information longer. Gamification technology can be employed to meet a variety of needs: increase sales, track employee progress, communicate to a global workforce, and more.  


Track to Improve

People thrive on recognition. By tracking and ranking sales performance of your reps, they’ll not only be more motivated to do well but will also learn what behaviors work to their (and ultimately, your) success. Embracing a digital workplace where performance is managed in real-time will not only improve sales, but also employee retention and happiness. You won’t need to schedule frequent one-on-one meetings to discuss progress because leaderboards and KPI tracking offer a clear picture of employee performance at the end of each day, week, month, and quarter. Performance tracking creates a unique opportunity to celebrate wins and maintain transparency.  

Compete to Energize

Salespeople are in the business of competition. So, why not harness that energy through a custom dashboard to motivate your reps to come in first every day? Live tracking on a leaderboard creates momentum and energizes sales reps in a way that an Employee of the Month award cannot. Rather than competing for monthly accolades, a live leaderboard keeps your sales team competing each day for whichever metrics you track–highest conversion rate, most leads in a day, etc. Our research shows that friendly competition leads to a more productive and engaged workforce.  


Connect to Interact

Emails and office newsletters are often lost or overlooked. Using digital signage to broadcast your sales metrics around the office engages team members through graphics and sounds that cannot be overlooked. Regardless if your team works remotely, in the field, or in-house, a digital broadcast of relevant company news, such as a team dinner or new sales contract, ensures everyone receives the same information as part of the same team. Stay connected to your team and make sure they feel like part of the same team with digital message boards keying everyone into the same information.