Employee Engagement

How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged and Motivated


Keeping employees engaged and motivated is always tough, but when your employees aren’t physically based at your main office, it can be even harder to promote a sense of engagement among them. When your employees work remotely, you have to try even harder than usual to promote communication in order to keep your remote team performing to its maximum capacity. Here are a few tips that may help.

Keep Communicating

It’s easy for remote employees to feel forgotten. Regular communication can help to remind remote workers that they are valuable members of a team. Keep in touch with regular video conferences, as well as by sending out regular news broadcasts to keep remote employees in the loop.

If you use Hoopla, you can broadcast Slack messages to displays in your remote offices. You can let employees know about the release of a new feature, introduce a new member of the management team, or congratulate employees on their recent good performance. These messages can help remote employees feel included, without being too distracting or disruptive to their work.

Provide Regular Feedback

Remote employees often find it difficult to assess their own performance. If they are working alone or communicating with only a few co-workers, it is difficult for them to compare their own progress to that of others. This can lead to feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt among your remote workers, which could sap their motivation to succeed. Combat this motivation drain by providing timely feedback to all employees who work outside of your main office.

An efficient way to provide this feedback is through an informative dashboard that summarizes each employee’s progress toward meeting certain targets or quotas, as well as performance statistics for the whole team. When you use Hoopla, you can create dashboards that can be displayed on employee mobile devices, providing remote workers with the ability to keep track of their performance any time they like.

Use Gamification Techniques

Gamification is a technique that many companies use to make work more fun. Without the ability to chat with co-workers or be part of a large team, remote workers often feel isolated and begin to find their work boring. Introducing an element of competition into the work can make it more fun and help remote workers feel more connected to the rest of the organization.

For example, a digital leaderboard that updates in real time can give recognition to your best remote salespeople and motivate everyone else to work harder so they can move closer to the top of the leaderboard. Some employees find this kind of ranking system great fun, as it gives them a sense of purpose in their work.

The Takeaway

Remote working is very convenient for many employees, but some of them can feel isolated and demotivated by this style of working. Use tools that allow you to provide real-time feedback to your remote employees, which can help them to feel more engaged and motivated.

Real-time dashboards reassure your team that they are generating valuable results for the business and that they are part of a wider team. When employees know that their contributions are recognized, they will often be motivated to work harder, particularly if you can introduce an element of fun into your progress tracking.