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How to Find the Right Balance with Friendly Competition


Competition can be a great motivator, but when it comes to competing with teammates, it’s vital to keep it in perspective.

Friendly competition is the goal, of course, in encouraging everyone to do their best under the overarching sentiment that “we’re all in this together.” But how can you strike that balance with your team?

Putting Competition in Perspective

You want your team to have the right perspective on competition: that it matters, but not that it is all-consuming. As a sales leader or manager, you can structure sales competitions with stakes high enough to matter, but not so high that employees feel they’re all must-wins. Leaders can also make sure that those who don’t find their way to the victory circle are still encouraged to do their best going forward. Needless to say, this has to be a humiliation-free zone.

Using a gamification paradigm sends a good message to all competitors not to take contests too seriously and to keep things fun. Hoopla incorporates gamification into your workplace competition, and companies can also use Hoopla’s interactive displays for encouraging messages and reminders that everyone is ultimately on the same team – your company’s.

Knowing Your Team

Some team members are highly motivated by friendly competition, while others just become stressed out and resentful. The number and type of competitions you decide to have may be adjusted to accommodate your team’s particular attributes and tolerance for competitions. Hoopla supports a nearly infinite number of competitions of various types, and you get to decide how to structure them for your particular sales team.

Tips on Promoting Friendly Competition

How can your workplace encourage competition that will motivate employees without alienating them from each other? Sometimes the details can make all the difference.

1. Build Short, Frequent Contests

One way to encourage everyone to keep trying is to have frequent competitions and to update statistics on the leaderboard frequently. It’s a little easier to deal with disappointment if you know there will be another chance right away to try again. Frequent competitions will show employees that there is always another incentive around the corner, and updating leaderboards frequently will keep employees checking to see how they are doing. This way, everyone has a chance to win, and win more often.

2. Create Strength in Teams

Having group or team contests can also be helpful because it gives team members opportunities to bond and to support each other as they compete. You can be strategic in the way you choose teams so that group dynamics stay positive and everyone has a fair chance to win. Hoopla can make team competitions more exciting and fun with customized graphics and walk-up or theme music to punch up the wow factor and give teams something to cheer about. Working in teams creates stronger bonds, as well as a greater sense of belonging amongst individuals. Employees are most motivated in company cultures that foster engagement and communication.

3. Have Some Fun

You can even have occasional or periodic contests that reward employees for encouraging one another. What employees do to win a contest may just form a habit that continues after the contest is over. At Hoopla, we have healthy eating and exercise challenges to encourage cleaner lifestyles. Tracking our results on leaderboards and broadcasting results on Hoopla TVs allow each one of us to be held accountable for our own well-being and lets us cheer one another on for keeping it up.

Encouraging the right balance of friendly competition in teams can make all the difference in building company culture, boosting morale, and increasing performance.

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