Gamification Motivation

How to Encourage Healthy Competition by Tracking Metrics


Salespeople are driven by the competition of the daily grind–the grind against their fellow reps as well as their own personal quotas. The nature of sales jobs set the standard of office contests, and most sales reps like the thrill of the chase and being the company hero. So, what better way to encourage healthy competition than to track metrics within sight? With the latest technology, it’s easy to do. Contests have long been staples for motivating sales and marketing professionals. But managers today understand the opportunity for team collaboration that sparks healthy competition. Running a sales contest is simple. It’s targeting the right goals and proper rewards where the difficulty lies. So, getting these basics right is key to sustaining your sales reps’ attention and engagement.  

Using Gamification

Gamification goes hand-in-hand with sales competitions. Using game elements encourages positive behaviors, so your team will take the actions you guide them toward. When you add fun to the mix, it makes doing work all the more worthwhile. What’s more – healthy competition, team-building, and individual development are all great by-products of effective gamification.  

Tracking Metrics Visually

Publicly sharing real-time metrics office-wide drives your team to constantly improve themselves. When you see your name at the top of a leaderboard for a sales metric you’ve worked hard at, it feels good. Recognition, especially in real time, gives you the motivation to continue to better your performance. The same works for someone who’s not at the top of the leaderboard. This gives an individual the drive to work even harder to get up there and prove their abilities. Using a leaderboard gives your team the transparency needed to understand which metrics are performing best, and which metrics might need just a little more work. When you can see how your team is doing in real time, you can begin to nurture the positive behaviors and target any issues as they happen.  

Increasing Engagement

In an increasingly digital world, managers must fight the proverbial “fire with fire” and go digital as well. Using gamification boosts sales and drives engagement, working especially well when viewed digitally and shared publically. No rep will ever feel like they’re in the dark. Your sales team, as well as neighboring departments, can stay up-to-date on sales progress. To keep engagement levels high, experts say that not slapping rewards or badges on every small detail is important. Rather, focusing on the bigger picture is critical. But that doesn’t mean you can give the recognition your reps deserve when hitting a milestone. Allow healthy competition for its own sake on the smaller wins.  

Healthy Benefits of Gamification

Oftentimes, winning isn’t even about the prize, but getting the recognition you deserve for the work you’ve put in. Gamification fosters increased collaboration, a sense of belonging, motivation – and of course – increased performance for in-house and remote workers alike. Global team members that haven’t met can get to know one another, compete, and cheer successes. That type of healthy competition is a definite win for everyone.