Gamification Motivation

How to Effectively Utilize Gamification



  Research has found that adding “missions” and shareable achievements to professional development programs improved return rates by up to 46 percent. Another study found that 91 percent of employees reported higher engagement, awareness and productivity after trying gamification solutions at work.   Gamification is a rapidly growing tool used to motivate and reward salespeople. It is one of the most powerful tools for enticing sales teams because it includes three things reps care about most: competition, recognition and compensation. Learning how to effectively utilize gamification to motivate your sales team is a crucial point in implementing this tool to increase productivity, sales and customer retention.  

Gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun.”


Use Gamification-Ready Software

  Gamification-ready software should be able to display data into charts and graphs in a way that is easy to interact with while providing a platform that employees enjoy. This should include personalized profiles from photos, music, and videos that celebrate each individual’s success. (Blog: What Your Profile Song Says About You)   M2 Research says the gamification market will surpass almost $3 billion in 2016, which means that people are already finding ways to best implement this interactive strategy. It’s important to utilize gamification-ready software on platforms that offer a high level of customization to fit your employee’s needs as well as business styles.   Platforms such as Hoopla offer real-time metrics that give you control over the entire digital interface your employees interact with. This allows for a proper and comprehensive analysis of statistics on both the employee and employer’s ends.   Hoopla offers features within the system such as instant recognition when a goal is met, head-to-head challenges to increase friendly competition and real-time stats displayed on leaderboards. The gamification software is designed to be interactive and engaging while providing constant updates to your team.  

Communicate the Big Picture With Digital Signage

  Digital signage is a dynamic way to spread information as well as interactively communicate with your employees. This not only increases transparency and plays into the recognition aspect of gamification, but it also allows salespeople to receive real-time feedback.   Gamification plays to a general social desire for acceptance and advancement, and it does so by combining regular sales tasks with elements of viral gaming. By broadcasting employee achievements and leaderboards on digital signage across the office, you are increasing the effects by recognizing employees in a public sphere. (Read on Inc: The #1 Company Perk that Every Employee Craves and It’s Completely Free)   When employees feel positively reinforced, they are more excited, energized and focused. You can maintain this energy by rewarding them incentives such as Blueboard benefits or even extra PTO days and projecting this all on digital signage to increase visibility, recognition, and communication.  

Incite Friendly Competition

  Research shows that employees who thrive in performance-based cultures such as sales positions are more likely to be competitive by nature. They thrive on competition and love to test themselves in relation to their peers.   Part of being a good leader is being able to play to the strengths of your employees, who, in this case, love to compete. Inciting friendly competition that is public and rewards-based can help engage employees on sales teams in ways that traditional sales roles cannot.   In short, gamification taps into the competitive nature of sales employees and uses that drive as a means to improve not only sales and quotas, but also teamwork, learning and proper onboarding — all of which are proven drivers of revenue growth.  

It’s a Win-Win Situation

  Whether it’s due to the competitive nature of salespeople, satisfying the most basic human desires or the simple love of a good game – gamification works. Help your employees work smarter and harder by offering them the chance to “level up” every day and broadcast their achievements across digital signage in your offices. Doing this will increase employee engagement, focus and overall desire to succeed. Interested in bringing gamification to your office? Start a free trial today with no obligation.