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How To Create The Best Outreach Sales Email in 6 Steps


The average person spends 11.2 hours reading and answering emails a week. As a sales rep it’s important to be able to effectively sift through the noise of a cluttered inbox, grab the attention of your prospect and send an email that is going to secure a booked meeting or demo. People spend years perfecting the perfect sales email. We’ve put together some smart tips for crafting the most effective sales email so you can start reaching your quota.

1. Research

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Like with any important first meeting, it is important to go in prepared. You wouldn’t show up to a job interview without any information about the person you are sitting down with, approach your email outreach the same way. Use Linkedin and a quick Google search to get an idea of their industry experience, interests and personality queues. It is important to start your first line with something business-personal, i.e. “I really enjoyed your blog post about xx” or “I saw you attended xx event, what did you think of it?” 

2. Subject Line

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This is the most important part of any email. In order to get to the meat of your conversation, your prospect needs to first open the email, otherwise the rest of your efforts are futile. Don’t use phrases like “20% Discount”, “Free Trail”, “Hurry up” — there are already hundreds of these in a given inbox that are left stewing until forgotten. Be personable, concise and catchy. Try something like “Should we connect?” “How about a better way to xx?” “Sick of xx? We are too…” 

3. Length

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As mentioned above, most people spend countless hours a week reading and answering emails. It’s important to keep your email short and sweet to avoid the “too long, didn’t read” delete reaction. An initial outreach email should never be longer than 4 sentences. It is often better to separate your intro statement from your ask and close with a paragraph line break to make the email appear less cluttered. 

4. Humor

People are often afraid of humor –don’t be. Humor can often be that nice touch that ends up getting you the final call or meeting booked. Make sure it’s work appropriate and not too cheeky or sarcastic. Sometimes a relevant or cute gif can be enough to put a smile on someones face. When you make someone laugh, they remember you and associate that great feeling with your name. 

5. Easy Reference Material

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Before committing to anything people like to do their own research and feel informed. Including titled hyperlinks to short videos or quick-reads is a nice touch. The more you can tailor the reference material to the person and their company, the better.  

6. The Close

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Don’t be too aggressive or forward. Sending a calendar invite may irritate your prospect. It’s important to make a softer ask that is still specific enough to garner a commitment. Try something like “Do you have 5 minutes to chat this week?” Or “How can I get 10 minutes on your calendar?” A good close can also acknowledge that you know your prospect is busy, it also feels more personal. For example, “I’m open next week — I know things may be crazy but let me know what works.”

A good first email goes a long way. If crafted correctly, the first conversation will establish a strong, trusting and friendly relationship that should carry through the rest of the sales cycle. Have any special sales email tips of your own? Let us know, comment below. 

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