Gamification Motivation

How Sales Gamification Can Build a Culture of Winning


Hoopla can help businesses build a winning culture.

Gamification uses the elements of games to reach objectives and goals in the workplace, including sales quotas, employee performance numbers, and even training goals. There are many benefits to using gamification for your business, including building a culture of winning.

Gamification and Healthy Competition

All too often, it is difficult for sales team members to get a sense of how they are doing relative to others in their team, division, and the company as a whole. Other than meeting quotas, team members may only get monthly report printouts, or they may be called into meetings to discuss their performance without really knowing much about the subject.

Gamification provides a fun way for team members to engage in healthy competition, with the side effect of knowing exactly how they fit into the team’s performance and statistics. Healthy competition comes from a corporate mindset that looks for positive results on a daily basis and uses positive language to address even the most negative outcomes.

Hoopla provides the means for companies to use gamification to encourage healthy competition among employees. Competition can be between individuals, teams, or even whole departments. Hoopla’s unique interface allows top performers to be recognized – not just top sales performers, but top performers of any one of dozens of KPIs that you might want to encourage among your sales staff.

Building a winning culture will make teams more productive and increase the fun in the office as well.


How to Build a Winning Culture

In most contests for top sales, only about 10 percent of the sales team ever wins. It’s important for the bottom 90 percent not to get discouraged, so you should design contests that give everyone a chance to win. Hoopla provides data on dozens of KPIs and other metrics that can be used in various types of competitions rather than just top sales.

It’s also important to build trust among team members. Hoopla’s data is displayed easily and clearly so that team members always know exactly where they stand. When team members trust each other and management, they are more likely to do their best for the team and the company.

Even when you set the right goals and seek to recognize the strengths of the team, a winning culture sees more than just numbers and results. Accountability is achieved by learning from mistakes and taking steps to improve performance. When team members begin to hold themselves accountable, you will know that you’re getting somewhere. Hoopla can give your staff the data they need for self-accountability measures, and it presents this data in a fun and easy display format.

Hoopla integrates with common data systems like Salesforce and Google Sheets for easy use. Headlines and banners can recognize top performers, and Hoopla is completely mobile-compatible so team members can follow all the action on their personal devices as well. And Hoopla offers different channels for different teams or locations, if needed. Start a free trial of Hoopla and create a winning culture in your company.