Employee Engagement

How Real-Time Dashboards Boost Productivity and Motivation in Sales Teams


If the productivity of your sales team is at a standstill, you may need to take action to restore employees’ motivation and push your sales figures back up to the level you expect. From startups to corporate offices, businesses of all types are using real-time dashboards to boost sales teams’ productivity and motivation.

Read on to find out how you can display real-time data to your sales team to let them know how they are performing and motivate them to stay focused on meeting their sales targets.

What is a real-time dashboard?

A real-time dashboard shows a live, visual summary of your sales team’s performance. Instantly updated with new information whenever a member of the team makes a sale, this dashboard allows everyone to see how close the team is to meeting their quotas for the day, week, or month. Team dashboards can be displayed on TVs in the office, allowing employees to quickly check in with the team’s progress or join in the celebrations when a fellow rep hits a sales quota. Dashboards can also be displayed on mobile devices, allowing employees to check up on their own progress or find out how other members of the team have been performing recently.

The Value of Public Recognition

Perhaps you already give bonuses or other incentives to your best-performing employees each month or quarter. However, according to Salesforce, employees crave more than just financial rewards from their work. To make behaviors really stick, use public recognition as a consistent motivator.

When done right, real-time dashboards give team members the recognition and praise they deserve. Publicly displaying real-time progress in a dashboard simplifies the process of tedious reports that go unread, and instead instantly recognize those who are killing the game. The use of public recognition can increase the satisfaction that employees get from their own success, turning short-term behaviors into long-term habits. With constant and instant positive feedback, you can really improve the overall performance of your sales team.

The Value of Instant Feedback

The trouble with monthly or quarterly performance reviews lies within time and consistency. By the time the feedback is given, it may already be too late to be effective. For example, if a few employees have been underperforming for months, getting a negative review can make them feel despondent, as they may feel that they are not able to change their selling style at this stage.

In contrast, real-time dashboards deliver instant feedback to employees, letting them know right away which activities they need to improve on and learn from. This timely information allows a struggling employee to reach out to a manager for help or try a new approach to selling.

Instant feedback is particularly important for millennial employees, who have a low tolerance for long delays in the feedback and review process.

The Takeaway

Real-time dashboards have a valuable role to play in improving employee engagement, motivation, and performance. By displaying real-time dashboards on TVs in your office, as well as allowing employees to view the information in a mobile-friendly format on their own devices, you can give every member of your sales team the real-time feedback they crave.

Displaying your real-time dashboards prominently in the office can also generate public recognition of employees’ success, which can create a culture of celebration and boost the mood of your entire sales workforce.

Finally, many employees, particularly those belonging to the millennial generation, find real-time dashboards fun as they turn the process of meeting their sales quotas into a game. If you are looking for a new way to motivate your sales team, real-time dashboards could be the perfect option for your company.