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How OutboundEngine Uses Hoopla to Amplify Sales Celebration Culture


OutboundEngine fully automates email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing for small businesses. The company culture is built on training, development, recognition, celebration and accountability. The company was looking for a way to strengthen these ideals as well as create visibility within the sales team and across departments.

OutboundEngine and Hoopla Case Study

How is Hoopla Being Used?

Hoopla is plugged into the company’s CRM so that whenever anything happens such as a deal being closed by a sales rep or a renewal gained by a customer success manager, an action event, or animated announcement with a custom song, goes off. TVs across the offices in Austin, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona broadcast leaderboards displaying major KPI’s and real-time action events, keeping everyone in the company engaged. There’s even a screen behind the CEO’s head and behind the engineers’ desks so that everyone in the company is informed.

Why do they love Hoopla?

“People love the recognition and the bragging rights; not just from the managers, but from their peers. I think every sales person likes to see their name in lights,” said Scott Leese, Senior Vice President of Sales at OutboundEngine.

The sales reps at OutboundEngine all look to Hoopla for updates on their progress and strive to have their names on the top of the leaderboards. Even employees outside of the sales team look to Hoopla to see who the top performers are and how much revenue is being generated. It creates a constant and active conversation around the business as well as buzz around those who are performing well.

“A large part of our culture is training, development and professional growth. It’s truly great to watch people rise from not being on the leaderboard at all to being at the top of the leaderboard. It’s a very visible way to watch someone grow, develop and become a key contributor. At the heart, that’s what we are all about,” said Scott. 

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