Your business is your baby. And at the heart of it, you know: a great business is only as good as its team. As you continue to build your team in the present age, you’ll be faced with more and more millennial candidates, and confronted with the decision of how to manage this new, dynamic, and massive segment of the workforce. As trends, culture, and technologies continue to rapidly change, be encouraged by this: millennials continue to prove themselves to be assets in building great, innovative, and rapidly growing organizations. Here are just a few of the ways they can prove themselves to be an asset for you.  

They’re Entrepreneurial

Now, more than ever, millennials have had to learn the art of multiple incomes. Faced with higher student loan debt, tougher housing markets, and a rockier economy than most of the previous generations ever dreamed of, millennials have mastered the art of the “side hustle.” Forbes writer Kaytie Zimmerman, speaking with one millennial “hustler,” captured this quote: “Having a side hustle has enabled me to learn new skills that I have since incorporated into my 9-5 job.” And whether it’s the desire to hone new skills, put some extra money aside for travel, or simply dip their toes in new career waters, Millennials have proven themselves to be extremely entrepreneurial–adapting the “you can be anything you want to be” mentality into hands-in-the-dirt hard work. That’s the kind of can-do attitude any employer should want in their office. Whether it’s more rapidly adapting to employee engagement platforms, or just bringing a new flair to an old role, you definitely want an office full of entrepreneurs.  

They’re Remote

From a practical standpoint, running a business is expensive. And the number one and two biggest expenses usually have to do with space for extra seats, and finding butts to fill those seats with. When you’re spending all of your time looking for talent in your immediate area, you’re either confined to a smaller potential pool of talent–or you’re forced to pay rent in a higher-talent city. Can’t there just be a third option? Thankfully, the Internet has taken care of that for us. Fast Company notes a recent survey that shows more than a third of companies expect half their office to be remote by 2020. And, the article continues, Millennials are driving that trend: More significantly, the oldest of these digital natives are now in their thirties. They have moved into management. They ‘are starting to be the architects of workplace culture.’” It’s simple economics: Saving time and money on searching from a broader pool of talent–without the relocation or rental fees–is a huge win for you and your organization.  

They’re Hungry For Purpose

At any point in owning your own business, it can be easy to forget some of the joys of doing what you do. Maybe you started your own company or started working for a company because you really believed in what they did, and you were excited to share in that vision with someone. But maybe these days the works is bogging you down, and you’ve lost sight of some of that vision. We know that Millennials, more than every other generation, are starving to find purpose in their daily jobs. That hunger for purpose can, in turn, remind you of what a great business looks like–and even help you and your team to re-engage, and be your most productive and full selves. The Millennial workforce has officially taken over, and your ability to adapt is only to you and your company’s advantage.