First American Equipment Finance is a company that values transparency and innovation. The company has over 30 TV screens up around their 35,000 sq. ft. office broadcasting company announcements, sales performance and results. The employees love being able to see not only their own success but the success of their coworkers visible across the company. It inspires them to work harder and reminds them to congratulate others on their progress.

“Your name and face is up on the board, everyone sees the deal that you just brought in. It’s a great way to get energy going on the floor and probably a close second to that is seeing one of my teammate’s names come up on that board because not only are you happy for them — it’s good for the team it’s good for the company — but now it’s got you pushing more to make sure you’re the next one to get up on the board.” Said Nick Borkowski, Assistant Vice President of Sales.

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